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Tell me about the Holy Spirit

You can buy the paperback edition post free here on this website by clicking the green 'Add' button below, or from an online bookshop such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble. It is also available as a Kindle Ebook and an Epub Ebook.
Published in September 2021, Tell me about the Holy Spirit is packed with teaching, personal anecdotes, and encouragement to Christians to be filled with the Spirit as Jesus himself was.

Tell me about the Holy Spirit has left me convicted and eager to walk more closely in step with the Spirit, open to what He intends to do in and through me.
Andy Geers, Creator of the PrayerMate app, and nephew of the author
This is the best book on the Holy Spirit I have ever read. Brilliant!
Rev. Gregory Hargrove, J.P., a retired Free Methodist Minister

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By Arnold V Page
Books for Life Today, Sept 2021
ISBN 978-1-91612-135-5
Language: English
Paperback 124 pp.
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Average Vote: 145.0/5
Rev David Hathaway
2021-07-08 09:28:39
I enjoyed reading this book and can highly recommend it. It is a must read for the sceptic but also for those who believe that they have received the Holy Spirit and yet lack the full experience as evidenced in the Acts of the Apostles. So many claim to have received the Holy Spirit, yet lack any real evidence. This book will help them to find what they are searching for.
Rev. David Hathaway D.D.
President Eurovision Mission to Europe
Rev Scott Pash
2021-07-08 09:25:26
There are many books out there trying to explain and introduce The Holy Spirit. I have found many to be wordy and overly complicated. Finally, there is a book that is easy to read, flows nicely, and seeks to help the reader find ways to not just get to know the Holy Spirit, but encounter the Holy Spirit. There are eleven chapters that build on each other providing engaging knowledge from the Bible alongside life experiences that make this a must-read. It is hard to believe that contained in a small book (100 pages), that a comprehensive ideology of the Holy Spirit could be so eloquently delivered. Yet Arnold does it so well. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.
Divine Zape
2021-07-08 09:23:32
Tell Me About the Holy Spirit: How to Be Filled with Love, Joy, Peace and Power, and Extend the Kingdom of God by Arnold V. Page is a spiritual gift that shows readers the work of the Holy Spirit. In this book, the author explores the work of the Holy Spirit, the Gift of Jesus, starting with the experience on the morning of Pentecost with the disciples and sharing lessons about the way the Holy Spirit works in us to help us live up to the mission Jesus entrusted to His followers.

In Tell Me About the Holy Spirit, Arnold V. Page weaves his personal experience and intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit and illustrates how the Spirit leads us to Christ, restores our life, enables us to witness to Jesus’ love and compassion, and overcome evil. The author teaches readers how to receive the Holy Spirit and, with relevant biblical references, he discusses the fruits of the Holy Spirit. This is one of the most comprehensive, intelligently composed, and solid books I have read on the Holy Spirit. Arnold V. Page writes in prose that flows gracefully and in a conversational style that is engaging and brings clarity to the different themes discussed. The basic message of this book is that the Holy Spirit transforms us, filling our lives with gifts that allow us to become living witnesses to Christ. In this book, every sentence rings with truth, every enunciation sustained by a relevant scripture passage. Tell Me About the Holy Spirit shows a path that is accessible to everyone, driving home to readers the certainty that they can receive the Holy Spirit and allow it to work powerfully in their lives.
Edit Wairimu
2021-07-08 09:22:31
Tell Me About the Holy Spirit: How to be filled with love, joy, peace, and power, and extend the Kingdom of God by Arnold V Page is an enlightening Christian work that searches through biblical scriptures to expound on who the Holy Spirit is and what His role is. The work begins by examining the first time when the Holy Spirit fell on the disciples as they waited for Him in Jerusalem. Through multiple examples, Page explains that the Holy Spirit’s intervention caused the disciples to be successful in spreading the Gospel. In the first chapter, the work explains the role of the Holy Spirit in leading people to Christ and the three main ways He uses to convince people that they need Christ.

Tell Me About the Holy Spirit’s other chapters explain other important aspects that relate to the topic, including the promise of the Holy Spirit and how to receive Him, how the Holy Spirit helps us obey God’s laws, and how He transforms us and helps us produce spiritual fruit that draws other people to Christ. The book answers important questions about the Holy Spirit that include questions about speaking in tongues and how one can be filled with the Holy Spirit. It also addresses common arguments that oppose the workings and gifts of the Holy Spirit in modern times. It includes Page's experiences that help in explaining the topics. Tell Me About the Holy Spirit by Arnold V Page is a thorough and succinct work. It is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to learn more and develop a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit.
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