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God, Science and the Bible

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Carefully researched and organized, God, Science and the Bible tackles head-on hard questions that relate to some of the most debated aspects of creation and the Christian faith. Along with new insights into the argument of design for the existence of God and the viability of the theory of evolution, the author adds his own compelling experiences of God’s reality. Anyone who wants to know how the Bible’s teaching stands up to questions about the age of the earth, the flood, fossils, carbon dating, ancient trees, etc., will find all the answers here!

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By Arnold V Page
Does God exist?
Is the Bible true?
Did Jesus really live, die and return to life?
Can we live for ever, and if so, how?
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Rosemary Alcock
2020-04-19 18:09:38
This book’s primary purpose is to address the big questions of the existence of God as creator, the scientific evidence of how our planet was created or evolved, and what is the purpose, if any, of human existence. It is extremely well researched, drawing on an ambitious breadth of sources and authorities (both spiritual and secular) and is underpinned by an evangelistic drive for which the author makes no apology, such is the conviction of his work.
There are sections where Page adopts a more didactic, conversational style, and others where he draws on evidence in a highly academic and scholarly way, but the style is throughout one of very clear and precise communication.
The book includes rigorous and systematic referencing with diligent acknowledgement of all sources, however slight. It is a challenging read, primarily due to the academic referencing and weighing of a range of potentially contradicting hypotheses. It is aimed at educated adults and scores between 13 and 16 on the Flesch-Kincaid Grade level of reading difficulty, depending on which section you measure. However, for the reader who wants to challenge their own received thinking on these big questions it is just the ticket and is, indeed food for the soul.
God, Science and the Bible would suit educated readers with a firm interest in Science/Biblical narrative. It would also suit older teens and twenties who want to ask more about how we came to be here, beyond the received knowledge of the standard Science National Curriculum. University students taking Science and Religion components as part of degree courses would find this book very useful indeed. Finally, of course, it would suit theologians who want a way in.
Overall Impression: Dinosaurs, Earth, Man and God - whatever your belief or view, this book is asking the questions that matter. Every one of us should consider at least at some point in our lives how we came to exist and what our purpose in life might be. This book helps you do that. It enables you to think for yourself rather than just accept what you learnt in school. Buy a copy and put reading it on your bucket list.
Phil Barnett
2020-04-19 18:07:27
Mr Page writes in an informative and easy style, constantly challenging the reader with direct questions, prompting them to think deeply about what is being said. I would highly recommend the book to anyone interested in finding answers to perhaps the biggest question of all: “Who is God and what difference does that make to me?” but who also finds the evolutionary world-view a barrier to belief in God.
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