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Welcome to Books for Life Today!
Here you can buy books that will help you live longer on this earth and forever in the new earth to come.
Fostered student Natalie Parsons longs for the freedom of university life, but a lecture suggesting that the universe is a meaningless accident reinforces her own lack of self-worth. Longing for love, she drifts ever deeper into depravity until a supernatural encounter with God rescues her from disaster and the broken pieces of her life come together in a way she could never have imagined.
Carefully researched and organized, God, Science and the Bible tackles head-on hard questions that relate to some of the most debated aspects of creation and the Christian faith. As a retired Christian minister and scientific researcher, the author provides original, logical and convincing arguments for the truth of the Bible, explaining how it is supported by natural laws, fossils, ancient trees, flood myths and radioactive dating.   More>
Amazing radio interview!
US radio presenter Al Cole invited author Arnold V Page to be a guest on his programme "People of Distinction" on February 20th 2020. Afterwards Al Cole expressed his appreciation to Arnold for giving 'an outstanding interview'.
It was broadcast via Apple Inc’s iTunes Radio Network under their News/Talk provision, featuring CBS Radio, Fox News, NPR, C-Span & BBC, with a potential audience of 23 million listeners.
Z: The Final Generation promotional video
Want a great Christian novel for young adults?

10% from each sale on this website goes to a UK registered charity, Chile for Christ.
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